Cooling News

The Sun is currently entering what is called a Grand Solar Minima. The current solar cycles 24 and coming solar cycle 25 that will following are both set to be very weak and will only display few sunspots or possibly no sunspots at all.

However, the current climate research establishment, those who the media and the politicians trust and who are only looking for human causes of climate change have gone to great lengths to try convince the public and other scientists that changes in indirect solar activity are of no importance for the Earth’s climate. They claim that the solar part of recent warming is too small to have an important influence because the variation in the heat output reaching the Earth is too small to have any measurable impact and that indirect changes of solar activity has no effect at all on Earth’s climate.

They are wrong!

The result from this is that during the coming decades we should be in a prolonged relentless period of substantial cooling.

The debate of CAGW Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming popular called global warming is a somewhat peculiar. This debate is characterised by the lack of any public debate. Especially with opponent who know science. Climate scientists like to lecture, but when it comes to public debate with climate skeptics or realists they run away. This is strange given as they claim the human influence on climate could be catastrophic. What better way to convince others than to debate with opponents and give convincing answers to tough questions.

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