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All runways at Copenhagen airport were closed because of a blizzard. This, for the first time in 22 years

Imagine if the climate meeting started in Copenhagen today. Heavy blizzard in Copenhagen. This time instead the global warming crowd is meeting in Cancun Mexico. I myself have lived in Southern Sweden not far from Denmark and I can attest … Continue reading

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The COP15 global warming meeting, one year after! Mother Nature once again mock Copenhagen with a blizzard!

The UN bureaucrat crowd has picked a more safer place to have their get-together meeting this time. At least when it comes to the local weather. Because this year the meeting is in Cancun Mexico. Nevertheless, Gaia is making fun … Continue reading

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The Swedish Weatherman, “Global warming will cause more heavy snowfall”

Sweden’s own answer to the previous global warming hysterics on the Weather Channel Heidi Cullen is without a doubt the weatherman Pär Holmgren. He is the most dominating global warming activist and alarmist at SVT, the Swedish state channel. SVT … Continue reading

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In hunt for the origin of the scientific consensus on global warming!

I did some research on Google the other day. I wanted to know when and how the supposedly claim of scientific global warming consensus first appeared in the media and where it came from. The earliest article I found was … Continue reading

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The Norwegian Prime Minister has come up with a new plan to fight global warming!

I reside in Norway which is the most oil, fjord and financially rich country in Scandinavia. Despite exporting oil and gas as much as they can, its inhabitants live with severe energy austerity in the belief that this is for … Continue reading

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