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Record cold in Kristianstad, southern Sweden.

I visited relatives in Vä a suburb of Kristianstad, in southern Sweden during Christmas. Earlier on the same day that I arrived, in the morning, the temperature reached -24.6 C Coldest ever measured in December The former town of Vä was … Continue reading

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And snow has just arrived to

In the Northern Hemisphere the news are full of the chill and snow chaos. Both in Europe and North America. How about elsewhere? Yes, snow has returned to the Australian Alps as a cold blast from Antarctica chill Victoria and New South … Continue reading

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The Sun is yet again spotless! Where is the media? Hello!

The Sun is spotless and nobody cares!  The spotless Sun, on the 18th of December 2010  Of course, one of primary leg on which the global warming alarmism is based on, is that the Sun influence on the Earth’s climate … Continue reading

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More global warming will lead to colder winters!

That’s what some guys at that warmist Potsdam institute of propaganda have come up with. Meanwhile in Britain the worst blizzard of the century is expected to set in tomorrow! British authorities are concerned. Not about the cold weather, the … Continue reading

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Is this the start of Little Ice Age conditions?

I heard yesterday on the norwegian news how one climatologists tried to explain the current record-breaking early winter weather here in Norway. This weather is caused by a negative NAO North Atlantic oscillation. Fair enough, but the cause for this … Continue reading

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