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Something weird is happening this winter! Can the answer be found in the solar slowdown?

In this video from Joe Bastardi of Accuweather, he looks into the unusual temperature pattern across the eastern part of the US. During strong La Niñas this area should be warmer than normal, but it isn’t. He asks why and investigates. … Continue reading

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The predicted abrupt global cooling is now setting in!

Listen to this interview with Geologist Don Easterbrook made on with Kim Greenhouse. Global Cooling and The Food Supply This is a very good interview and Don Easterbrook is good in explaining many of the important aspects on the coming … Continue reading

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The explanation by the warmists for the current cold weather is that it is caused by climate chaos.

Here is a fun video with Chris Horner and Betsy Rosenberg Betsy, who is a global warming advocate, is here trying in vain to defend the indefensible, by saying that the cold weather is caused by human caused climate chaos. … Continue reading

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