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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden came to a standstill as it was hit by heavy snow last Friday!

It was not only Chicago or the East coast of the US which received a lot of heavy snow recently. Even my former hometown Stockholm was hit by heavy snow. This happened last Friday. Here is a guided tour in Solna, … Continue reading

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The implications of correlation between solar activity and Pacific Ocean heat content, a new Little Ice Age is coming soon!

Lecture on cosmic ray flux variations and its effect on the climate   Here is a speech by Nir Shaviv. In this speech he shows how the amount of cloud and temperature of the Oceans follows changes in the cosmic ray flux. Dr. … Continue reading

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WHAT! 2 to 5 inches accumulation of snow in HOUSTON, TEXAS predicted during Thursday and Friday!

I hope the snow removal team in Houston, Texas is on standby for two days of snow. Houston has a mild climate, so they don’t have snow removal equipment, darn. Two years ago they also had snow. But that time … Continue reading

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Oh no not another Blizzard! This time a monster snow storm!

Raging over the US from New Mexico all the way to New England a monster snow storm is moving over the US.   100 million people are likely to be affected by heavy snow from this massive system when it … Continue reading

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