My use of Artificial Neural Network in weather and climate research?

Is climate influenced by indirect solar activity?

Can the main drivers for ENSO be identified and established?

These are some of the questions I have spent on researching in recent times.
First I examined the forcing factors for global temperature as measured from satellite.

Here climate-forcing.htm
As you can see from my research, variations in the solar wind seem to be one of the most important temperture drivers. However it is possible that this correlation I got could also be caused by the sensor equipment on the satellite.

More importantly was what I discovered when I looked into possible ENSO drivers.
Here enso-and-tidal-forcing.htm

To my surprise I found that the main driver for ENSO variations is from small variations in the tidal force.
Because the tidal force for the future is known it is possible to know whether ENSO is going to be in an El Niño phase, La Niña or in a neutral phase at a specific time in the future and long range predictions into the future can now be made.

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