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No evidence exists that CAGW exist or CO2 increase is dominated human activity

Nature doesn’t care where the CO2 increase comes from. But what if I tell you that the increase of CO2 is mostly natural and that the human contribution on that increase is just a small fraction. You maybe think I’m … Continue reading

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The cause of the temperature spike.

The recent strong El Niño caused the temperature spiked which showed up, not only on temperature stations, but also on satellite and weather balloon measurements. Some climate activist scientists claimed that only about 0.2-0.1 C of the peak was due … Continue reading

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Why are climate scientists unable to make long term El Niño predictions?

After all, El Niño is the most influential weather phenomena on Earth and it should be a vital component in making valid climate models. But, despite massive research into the El Niño phenomena and its index or what it is … Continue reading

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My use of Artificial Neural Network in weather and climate research?

Is climate influenced by indirect solar activity? Can the main drivers for ENSO be identified and established? These are some of the questions I have spent on researching in recent times. First I examined the forcing factors for global temperature … Continue reading

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Peer-review dogma in climate science and in science in general

Here is a video which describes vividly how global warming science has been able to capture the world and how climatologists with the help of the peer-review process has distorted the science. Worth looking at. I showed in the previous post about an … Continue reading

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