Oh no not another Blizzard! This time a monster snow storm!

Raging over the US from New Mexico all the way to New England a monster snow storm is moving over the US.


100 million people are likely to be affected by heavy snow from this massive system when it cross the continental US. South of the storm severe ice storm could cripple traffic and electricity over large areas. Chicago is expected to be paralyzed by heavy snowfall and snow drift.


 Here a brave guy makes a blizzard snow jump in Oklahoma

Now off course the big networks continue to spread out global warming propaganda despite all the cold weather.


 ABC explanation of the wintry weather “Global warming”

I first became interested in the climate because of the global warming stories and description of the supposedly dangerous gas known as CO2 that I found on the BBC website.
Because of my background in Physics I realized that what they presented was not science. Instead it was pure propaganda for an agenda and had nothing to do with science. All this annoyed me.

So I started to ask why? I also started to listen to lectures by climatologists.
I listened and looked at what they were saying. The first thing I reacted to was that they almost never mentioned that the most important greenhouse gas is water vapor. If asked, they usually reply by saying that, yes it cause most of the greenhouse effect, but because people don’t can cause changes in the level of water vapor in the atmosphere it is not of any importance.

And I was saying. WHAT!

Why do they say it like that. It’s as if  they want to hide the truth from the public. Of course it is much easier to convince “indoctrinate” people that way, by not telling the whole truth.

Because I found out that there are excellent historical correlations between solar activity and global temperature I looked for scientific papers made by these people where they investigate the connection between the Sun and Earth’s climate.
After all if human activity has any effect in the global temperature,  it make sense at first to look for how climate varies naturally.

But, these people base their research on climate models and assume that the main climate drivers today are caused by small changes in the composition of the atmosphere and therefore they exclude other factors.
Of course after my first initial investigation I have learned a lot more, both of periodic variations of solar activity and about the extraordinary scientific corruption that is occurring within the climate science community. This corruption is truly mind boggling.

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