In Cancún, a group of climate activists put their heads in the sand to avoid yet more revelations about their losing cause.

On hearing about

  • The ClimateGate revelations which showed that a group of leading climate scientists adjusted recent climate records upwards using temperature stations with little quality controls.
  • That they adjusted temperature variations downward for temperature estimations for the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age.
  • That ClimateGate reveled that the scientists conducted agenda driven research.
  • That scientists in this field violated Freedom of Information requests, so that their research is not reproducible anymore by outside observers.
  • ClimateGate also revealed that they prevented research to be published which was seen to be a threat to their own preferred theory.
  • The number of gates such as Himalaya-gate, Africa-gate, Amazon-gate associated with the IPCC and the climatologists are increasing.
  • No credible research has shown that there is a positive feedback between CO2 and water vapor.
  • That the expected hotspot over the tropics which is postulated to exist and used in computer models hasn’t been observed to exist.
  • That the added effect from increasing amounts of CO2 is logarithmic which reduces added increase in the greenhouse effect the higher its get. The current greenhouse effect from CO2 is near the saturation point.
  • That the global temperature has not increased for over 10 years and is now decreasing if one filter out short-term ENSO variations.
  • That the ice covers overall is stable with increase around Antarctica and a rebounding ice cover in the Arctic.
  • That the sea level rise of about 1 to 2 mm/year is not increasing as postulated by the warmists.
  • That the green industrial complex is promoted by powerful financial interests connected to the UN and its ruthless financial backers including banks like Goldman Sachs and financiers like Soros and David Rockefeller.
  • And that these financial backers want return on their investments by demanding rents from pristine rain forest they are buying up through the REDD scheme.
  • That the solar activity has now entered a period of very low activity. Solar activity has not been this low for at least 200 years. The consequence of this, if the same physical law currently is in operation as it was 200 years ago, means that the Earth is soon to enter Little Ice Age temperature conditions.
  • The there is a close relation between solar activity and Earth’s climate.

they put their heads in the sand. 


Mayan Pyramid made for human sacrificial offerings

At a closed press conference Christiana Figueres the head of the climate conference in Cancún revealed some news breaking information

CF: I’m very angry, because Canada, Russia and Japan are not even willing to continue with the Kyoto protocol after 2012. Therefore we must consider more drastic actions when we get near to the date of the end of the Mayan calendar which is just a few day before the end of the Kyoto protocol. This is not a coincidence in my opinion. The Mayan had very deep knowledge about the future. Therefore it is possible that they could foresee this to happen.

If we don’t do something better than the Kyoto protocol at that time or get a continuation of the Kyoto protocol we must do something very drastic. I personally think we have to continue where the Mayan left out.

I suggest we have to start with human sacrifices again to the Mayan rain god Chaac and to the moon goddess Ixchel.

Journalist: Isn’t that a little bit drastic?

CF: You know! Given that there are thousands of seers world-wide and a large number of peer review experts on the Mayan calendar who all say the same thing, that something rely big is about to happen on the 21st of December 2012. We can’t just ignore it.

You do insure your house don’t you?

Journalist: Yes

CF: The same thing here. Suppose we can’t save the climate, but instead ending up losing the climate. What will happen then?
You know, we can’t live in a world without a climate. That would be terrible.

Journalist: The cold weather in Europe and North America how does this affect the public?

CF: Great question. You know! This is important. Weather is what we see in our daily life. Climate is what is calculated inside the supercomputer at climatological institutions. There is no connection between the two. This is what uneducated people don’t understand. Our task is to convince them so that they understand this important point.

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