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The predicted abrupt global cooling is now setting in!

Listen to this interview with Geologist Don Easterbrook made on with Kim Greenhouse. Global Cooling and The Food Supply This is a very good interview and Don Easterbrook is good in explaining many of the important aspects on the coming … Continue reading

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In Cancún, a group of climate activists put their heads in the sand to avoid yet more revelations about their losing cause.

On hearing about The ClimateGate revelations which showed that a group of leading climate scientists adjusted recent climate records upwards using temperature stations with little quality controls. That they adjusted temperature variations downward for temperature estimations for the Medieval Warm … Continue reading

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Climategate! Happy one year anniversary!

How to view this anniversary and what has happened since the last year? For one! The worldwide corporate mass media machine has been working hard to try to hide the decline in credibility of the IPCC and the climatologists’ agenda … Continue reading

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