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No evidence exists that CAGW exist or CO2 increase is dominated human activity

Nature doesn’t care where the CO2 increase comes from. But what if I tell you that the increase of CO2 is mostly natural and that the human contribution on that increase is just a small fraction. You maybe think I’m … Continue reading

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The cause of the temperature spike.

The recent strong El Niño caused the temperature spiked which showed up, not only on temperature stations, but also on satellite and weather balloon measurements. Some climate activist scientists claimed that only about 0.2-0.1 C of the peak was due … Continue reading

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Oh no not another Blizzard! This time a monster snow storm!

Raging over the US from New Mexico all the way to New England a monster snow storm is moving over the US.   100 million people are likely to be affected by heavy snow from this massive system when it … Continue reading

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On the anniversary of Kristallnacht

A group of german parliamentarians want to stop climate dissidents from speaking in public forum. Their call happened to be on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the very day of the pogrom when jewish synagogues were burned down during the nazi-times. … Continue reading

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