Why climate activist scientists don’t want to debate qualified skeptics?

Normally in science when there are difference points of view on a subject, scientists are eager to debate each other. But this never happens these days in climate science. One exception to that was a debate that took place in New York 10 years ago. The debate didn’t go so well for the CO2 cause climate catastrophe promoting scientists.

As a result of this debate, the leading climate alarmist scientists made a policy decision to never ever have a debate with any qualified global warming skeptic, which sometimes have led to comical situations. Of course, by declaring that there is a scientific consensus on the subject and that the debate is over, they are saying to critics shut up. This is a very effective method to keep the climate hysteria going.

Here is a none debate between Roy Spencer and Gavin Schmidt. Roy Spencer is a scientist which is responsible for a satellite temperature record called UHA. Gavin Schmidt is a scientist at GISS Goddard Institute for Space Studies which is a NASA organization that is responsible for the most often used temperature record based on surface temperature stations. Over time the GISS temperature data record has been adjusted so that old temperature records have been adjusted down and resent temperature records has been adjusted up. This reason for this, it is claimed, is because stations sometimes has been moved or the time of day for the recordings has been changed. At the time of this recording the director of GISS a man called James Hansen. He has been a climate alarmist guru for the environmental movement. He was several times arrested during demonstration sit-ins during his time as a director of GISS. Today the director of GISS is Gavin Schmidt and thus the adjustment of the GISS data record has been accelerated.

What happens when one studies historical climate data? Answer: One finds that the climate is cyclical.

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