Climategate! Happy one year anniversary!

How to view this anniversary and what has happened since the last year?

For one! The worldwide corporate mass media machine has been working hard to try to hide the decline in credibility of the IPCC and the climatologists’ agenda by trying to claim that Climategate was a none important event which only show some disorganized scientists working hard and just acting like normal scientists, as humans. They futher claim that evil climate change deniers paid by the oil companies try to misinterpreted a few email and that still there are thousands of climate scientists who have found overwhelming evidence that humans are now dangerously effecting the climate.

Politically the voters and some politicians are now putting down their feet trying to stop policies that are based on frauds. Notably, the US, Australia and Canada. The Chicago climate exchange is now out of business.

However in the rest of the world it is mostly business as usual and they will soon meet again in one weeks time in Cancun.

Climategate Anniversary!

Happy Thanksgiving in the US!


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