The cold spell in Europe will go on and on

This is according to the weather forecast made by Piers Corbyn from

Frigid cold weather similar to the current condition will dominate during this winter, except for some warm spells.

Well, the lake outside my window froze over today. Because of this, I think the daytime temperature should drop from -15 C to under -20 C during the next days.

Many in Europe would like to be on a warm beach now, such as they have in Cancun.

Christiana Figueres the head UNFCCC said at least one thing of truth at the opening of COP16 the UN climate conference. “At least the weather [in Cancun] will be better [than in Copenhagen]”

There climate bureaucrats from all corners of the world will get what they have waited for over a year. Not the boring talks about the climate and not the action now crap which nobody believes in anymore.

But to get nice food, entertainment and go to parties at the huge Moon Palace hotel and conference complex escaping from boring day-to-day work.

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