No evidence exists that CAGW exist or CO2 increase is dominated human activity

Nature doesn’t care where the CO2 increase comes from.

But what if I tell you that the increase of CO2 is mostly natural and that the human contribution on that increase is just a small fraction. You maybe think I’m mad.

The most bizarre thing about climate hysteria is that the dangerous human caused global warming threat doesn’t exists in the first place and even more bizarre is that the increase in atmospheric CO2 has little to do with human activity. In fact, data from stomata from fossilized leaves show that at the end of the Medieval Warm Period about year 1300 AD. the level of CO2 was about the same as today, 400ppm. Stomata is the breathing opening on leaves, by which they absorb CO2 and exhale O2 and H2O. The size of the opening of the stomata depends on the CO2 level in the atmosphere. The 400ppm level was sustained for 200 years after 1300 even though the climate cooled down after 1300.

Here is an explanation for why humans have little to do with the CO2 increase. The increase is caused by warmer surface water.

But, first I like to summarize what the video show. The residence time of CO2 in the 60ties was only about 5 years based on C14 measurements after the atmospheric atomic bomb tests ban. The increase of CO2 is about 2 ppm/year but varies greatly depending on variations in sea surface temperature. This, in itself, shows that the increase is mostly natural.

Conclusion: Either the scientist in this field are incompetent or they have been corrupted by environmental activism.

The fact that politicians use gigantic amount of tax money to try to fight “global warming” while the threat from dangerous human caused global warming doesn’t exist and that the bulk of the increase of CO2 is not caused by humans are not crazy enough, it gets even crazier.

The real climate driver, the electromagnetic activity of the Sun now show rapid decline which is a sure sign of coming global cooling. The electromagnetic balance between the north and south of the Sun show signs of more and more imbalance and is an indication that the next solar cycle is going to be even weaker and that we are likely to enter a new Maunder Minimum like period as we did between 1645 and 1710.

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