The explanation by the warmists for the current cold weather is that it is caused by climate chaos.

Here is a fun video with Chris Horner
and Betsy Rosenberg

Betsy, who is a global warming advocate, is here trying in vain to defend the indefensible, by saying that the cold weather is caused by human caused climate chaos.
Maybe the spaceship is coming some day, who knows!

But more serious, there is a big problem with this debate.
Right now, despite that Mother Earth is on our side, the other side is winning in the media and too many people are buying in to their lies.

There was a good reason that John Holdren, the eugenicist and the current Obama science czar has renamed the previous terms of global warming and now later climate change with the new label of “climate disruptions”.

I assume this term was probably invented on the advice from some PR-firms working for a global warming lobby group. CAGW is now all about marketing.

This is an effective move which will likely keep the human caused climate change myth live and well even in a cooling world. Especially in the media.

However, more warm weather lead to less storminess because in a warmer world more warming occurs in colder regions. As a result from this, the temperature difference is reduced between the Polar Regions and the Tropics. Less temperature difference, the less energy there is to form powerful storms.

In a colder world one can expect the opposite, more storminess.
The climate is now responding to changes in the Sun, to a negative PDO cycle and to a strong La Niña.
As the climate cools we can expect more storminess, where the jet streams become more twitched and weather blocking becomes more frequent.

This is just what the people connected to the UN with organizations such as IPCC, UNEP are exploiting and use as proof of humans influence on Earth’s climate.
Achim Steiner of UNEP UN Environmental Program is one of the most prominent disruptive weather abuser on the planet, claiming weather extremes are caused by climate change. Implicit claiming, of course, that they were all caused by humans.

You can get one example of the current level of the human climate claiming deception within these organizations by listen to a talk by Koko Warner who also happens to be a lead author of the IPCC.

I don’t know if these people are just ignorant, incompetent or mean, but the consequences of their fanatical belief is that we now have a huge amount of biofuel made from food production. And this during a time when food production becomes more erratic as a result of a Sun driven cooling climate. Currently about 40% of all corn production in the US is used for biofuel production. Clearly a criminal policy and a crime against humanity. Not to mention all the money and policies which is now hampering economic development for a problem that doesn’t exist. Which is “dangerous human caused global warming”.

Let’s face it, we skeptics or climate realists are in a war, fighting for the truth.
I think therefore, using the warmists term, “we have to communicate better” key points why CAGW is false and that we now are in for serious global cooling in coming decades.

Here are a few important points that are not getting across to the media.

  • The Sun. The current solar cycle is very weak, last time it was this weak was 200 years ago. Based on historical records the Sun is likely to stay in this low state until 2035 when the Sun is expected to more active. When the Sun is this weak, the Earth’s temperature experience serious temperature drops. Little ice age conditions are likely.
  • Satellite measurements of temperature, sea level increase and ice cover tell a different story then the lies that are told by the media. Temperature has leveled off and is sinking. The small sea level rise of 2 to 3 mm/year is not increasing. The ice cover around Antarctica is increasing. The ice cover in the Arctic has from a low level in 2007 started to increase. This information is just a click away. More people should check this out for themselves.
  • PDO. The Pacific Decadal Oscillation follows a 60 year cycle and is a dominant source for temperature changes of the Earth. The latest warming period occurred during 1975-2000 and explains most of the warming during that time. Check out the PDO graph on Wikipedia.
  • The repeated claims that there are 2500 climate scientists working on IPCC’s report agreeing on human caused dangerous global warming. Only about 20% has knowledge on climate science and physics. The rests are economists, biologist, social engineers, environment scientists and bureaucrats who have accepted catastrophic global warming as facts. Of the 20% that have knowledge on climate science, most of these have based their career on the CAGW theory. Likewise the claims of scientific consensus are false.

These are some points I think is missing today and need to be pointed out.

Millions of people lives are now at risk. Therefore it is important that the public and the world’s politicians stop being deceived so that correct action can be taken to counter the effects to a coming climate that are likely to be much colder.

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