More global warming will lead to colder winters!

That’s what some guys at that warmist Potsdam institute of propaganda have come up with.

Meanwhile in Britain the worst blizzard of the century is expected to set in tomorrow!

British authorities are concerned. Not about the cold weather, the disruptions of daily life or heavy snowfall. No, they are worried that ordinary people lose more and more trust in climate science. Warmist science.
Let people freeze!

Maybe this would be their answer!

What ever happened to global warming?

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2 Responses to More global warming will lead to colder winters!

  1. geografo2 says:


  2. Nick Beeson says:

    Well this winter, 2013-2014, in the United States is certainly much colder than normal. Far colder. Looks like the prediction made *three* years ago was correct. Maybe Human Caused Global Warming is correct.

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