Preparations ahead of the climate conference in Cancun in full swing

Climate bureaucrats, world politicians and large number of NGO activists that are all working for the governmentally sponsored global warming industrial complex are soon going to meet each other again. This time in Cancun, Mexico!

After the implosion of the much hyped meeting in Copenhagen last year, thing are likely to be a more muted this time around. Yet still, die-hard politicians and climate activists will trying their best to keep the global warming scam alive.

In preparation for this years meeting, a group met on Kiribati, an exotic small island nation which is claimed to soon disappear under the wave of the Pacific Ocean from a relentless sea level rise.
Climate Meeting on Kiribati

The reality of this supposed disappearing and sea level rise is very different from what is claimed by the environmental activists.

No increase in resent years of world-wide sea level rise from the about 2 to 3 mm/yearly rise has been observed, based on satellite measurements.

But that doesn’t stop UN and the media to push for sea level rise alarm. In fact some areas have risen since WWII as this report shows. Kiribati partly submerge during WWII

Today houses and buildings on coral atolls are built with concrete, whereas in the old days they were built from natural material from palm trees. The huts could then easily be moved from areas that became submerges to drier areas. This is now more expensive to do.

Ring coral islands are exposed to the element from wind and wave actions. Some parts are eroded and others receive deposits from new coral sand. Corals are as we all know living growing things which over time deposits new coral sand. Therefore ringed coral atolls adapt naturally to when the sea rise or fall as a result of changes in climate.

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