Snow in LA! A recent visit by Ban Ki-moon to Hollywood to get support for the global warming hysteria confirms the Gore effect!

UN secretary Ban Ki-moon this week went to Hollywood to seek support for the global warming religion just days before the Oscar academy award ceremony. Together with him went Rajendra Pachauri the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC and Christiana Figueres head of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC, the organization which organize the UN climate conference circus tours.

The audience, probably perceived by them to be susceptible for the global warming message was this time more reserved. Much has happened since Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth received an Oscar award in 2007. Climategate reveled to outsiders what was going on inside the climatology community. The colder weather also made people more skeptical. The purpose was to encourage Hollywood executives to give attention to the global warming crisis.
Anyway, the group eagerly tried to persuade the Hollywood elite to make more effort in convincingly brainwash people in believing in the (global warming / climate change / climate disruption / deteriorating atmosphere) cause.

I’m not sure who the enemies are today? Maybe climate change deniers or the cold weather? Or maybe the greatest enemy of all is what is called common sense among ordinary people who may still have that after 20 years of intense brainwashing.

One thing the meeting confirmed was the Gore Effect. The Gore Effect, for those who don’t know, is the connection between visits by the former vice president Al Gore and unusual cold weather, blizzards and storms. There is now a consensus among Gore Effect scholars that this connection is not only directly connected to Al Gore whereabouts, but it’s also connected to important global warming meetings made when Al Gore is absent. One such example was at the Cancun climate conference. This tropical resort broke it low time temperature record during the conference.

Here is proof of the Gore Effect! Snow in Los Angeles!

Snow in Los Angeles

Snow in Hollywood Hills

Most of the snow fell in Burbank, North East of Hollywood

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  1. Waynehj says:

    The global warmist climate straitjacketers want to label the global coolists as deniers.

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