Is this the start of Little Ice Age conditions?

I heard yesterday on the norwegian news how one climatologists tried to explain the current record-breaking early winter weather here in Norway.

This weather is caused by a negative NAO North Atlantic oscillation.

Fair enough, but the cause for this negative NAO is unexplained.

But it ironically could be caused by, listen to this “global warming”. The relative warm weather over East Canada and Western Greenland was blamed. I think he is a devotee of Jim Hansen.

Under no time of course, during this interview, was changes in solar activity ever mentioned. This is a total tabu among the hockey team scientists.

Here are two warning for the continued cold in Europe.

From Piers Corbyn

And Joe Bastardi

Here are some other weather videos

Cold weather in England

Heavy wet snow in Damascus, Syria

 Metrodome American Football stadium collapsing in Minneapolis during a blizzard

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