Stockholm, the capital of Sweden came to a standstill as it was hit by heavy snow last Friday!

It was not only Chicago or the East coast of the US which received a lot of heavy snow recently. Even my former hometown Stockholm was hit by heavy snow. This happened last Friday.

Here is a guided tour in Solna, next to Stockholm.

As far as I can remember, the local buses have never totally been canceled due to snow, although at occasions they have not been running on all routes.

This time it was different.
See the local news!

Before Christmas the major airport hubs of Europe came to a standstill because of cold and snow. Amazingly Heathrow airport, London came to a complete standstill for several days because of a few centimeters of snow.


This is the type of equipments they should invest on given the solar driven cool down which is now starting to show up.

More snow, this is from Japan and Korea which during recent days have received records amounts of snow

BTW. I was just talking with a friend in Tokyo. Today they got a lot of snow falling in the japanese capital.

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