The Sun is yet again spotless! Where is the media? Hello!

The Sub is blank, 18th December 2010
The Sun is spotless and nobody cares!

 The spotless Sun, on the 18th of December 2010 

Of course, one of primary leg on which the global warming alarmism is based on, is that the Sun influence on the Earth’s climate is too small to be of any importance because it is only caused by variations in TSI, the Total Solar Irradiance. TSI in plain English is the same thing as the amount of heat that is beaming down towards Earth from the Sun. 

Because of that, the warming which occurred between 1975 and 2000 can only have been caused by CO2.

They say, what else can it be caused by?
Case closed!
Of course they don’t look elsewhere or if they do, they look with closed eyes.

Yet history tells us a quite different story. When the Sun enters periods of low solar activity during grand solar minima, as is the case now, the temperature falls. Yet this can not be allowed to be mentioned in the media. For how long? 

BTW! Maybe the climatologists haven’t looked at PDO Pacific Decadal Oscillation or the AMO Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on Wikipedia, which both are following the same cyclical variations. If they do they should ask themselves these two basic questions. 

  1. Where is the human caused global warming?
  2. What is likely to happen the coming next two decades?

Most people are still brainwashed by the CAGW propaganda. When I read comments made by people commenting on the weather. Half ask where is global warming? Or suggest that they need some global warming. Then there are the climate–weather deniers. Who say “don’t you get it, weather is not the same as climate. This is the hottest year ever”. 

Almost no one are aware that the Sun has gone in hibernation, thanks to “the solar climate connection” censoring media. 




The white stuff is just a plot by the global warming deniers 


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2 Responses to The Sun is yet again spotless! Where is the media? Hello!

  1. Piers Corbyn says:

    (links included post!)
    Good report.
    Well, I care and I am pleased, but then I would be wouldn’t I ?!
    Have a look at some of the latest UK supercool news –
    and Christopher Booker’s expose of the latest CLIMATE FRAUD:
    On the issue of what does and doesn’t cause climate Change, of course it’s not simple but please note its not just a matter of solar activity – sunspot numbers – but more solar MAGNETIC effects and lunar modulations. The ongoing Climate Realist report might be useful especially redbold items therein –

    Piers Corbyn

  2. Per says:

    Of course I agree that the sunspot activity responds only indirectly to the overall solar activity and is not a direct measure for the solar climate relationship. However sunspots are what most people know about.
    BTW! Keep up the good work with

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