The Swedish Weatherman, “Global warming will cause more heavy snowfall”

Sweden’s own answer to the previous global warming hysterics on the Weather Channel Heidi Cullen is without a doubt the weatherman Pär Holmgren.
He is the most dominating global warming activist and alarmist at SVT, the Swedish state channel. SVT is much like the BBC.

Today and for the next coming days, heavy snow, blizzards and dropping temperatures are expected in many parts of the country as well as in parts of Germany.
The Swedish east cost is hit by strong winds coming from the open Baltic Sea which cause heavy snow, similar to the lake effect snow in the US.
As a response to the current conditions, he explains that this type of early heavy snow is what we can expect in the future because global warming as he describes in this article in swedish.

You can try automatic translation. Snökaos means snow chaos.

Note: The temperature in the Swedish capital Stockholm during last January never reached above freezing. Last time this happened was in 1829, during the Dalton Minimum.

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