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The cause of the temperature spike.

The recent strong El Niño caused the temperature spiked which showed up, not only on temperature stations, but also on satellite and weather balloon measurements. Some climate activist scientists claimed that only about 0.2-0.1 C of the peak was due … Continue reading

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The Lemmings are back! Yet another global warming prediction hitting the dustbin!

No I’m not talking about the many climate jihadist lemmings which have entered academic institutions trying to prove the unsustainable theory of dangerous human caused global warming. Instead I’m talking about the little angry rodents which inhabit the Scandinavian Mountains. … Continue reading

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Oh no not another Blizzard! This time a monster snow storm!

Raging over the US from New Mexico all the way to New England a monster snow storm is moving over the US.   100 million people are likely to be affected by heavy snow from this massive system when it … Continue reading

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In hunt for the origin of the scientific consensus on global warming!

I did some research on Google the other day. I wanted to know when and how the supposedly claim of scientific global warming consensus first appeared in the media and where it came from. The earliest article I found was … Continue reading

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