The cause of the temperature spike.

The recent strong El Niño caused the temperature spiked which showed up, not only on temperature stations, but also on satellite and weather balloon measurements. Some climate activist scientists claimed that only about 0.2-0.1 C of the peak was due to the El Niño but the rest was caused by human greenhouse gases. This was the proof they have been waiting for. Now the anthropogenic global warming at last is taking off, as they had predicted.
This is all nonsense of course.

In fact, nearly all of the temperature spike can be directly attributed to the recent El Niño which was also long lasting with a weak mid Pacific centered El Niño the year before. Because of this long lasting El Niño forcing, which also affected the tropical waters of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, the temperature spike created a record spike. Similar ENSO mechanisms exist in the Indian Ocean and in the Atlantic although with other response time and with weaker temperature forcing.

Recently Daily Mail had an article which pointed out that the registered temperature over land had made a record breaking temperature drop.
Stunning new data indicates El Nino drove record highs global temperatures suggesting rise not man emissions

This created a huge reaction by the media, among climate activists and among climate scientists as this article pointed out that the cause of the warming was the El Niño. To claim this was regarded as heresy and a challenge against their narrative. So, the accused this article to be full of lies, while in fact it just presented facts.

The British newspaper The Guardian has become a fake news outlet for the green agenda. Yes, they admit this themselves as they have abandon journalism and changes their policies to green advocacy. They claimed falsely that the recent temperature spike was mainly caused by human causes.

Note: the temperature graph they use in the guardian is from NASA/GISS which use temperature surface station which has a lot of problems and are open to manipulations. So, for example, there has not been any measured temperature increase since 2000 if the effect from the recent El Niño is removed. This conclusion is based on data made from satellite and from weather balloon. So, this show no statistical temperature increase for this century so far. Note however that we are talking about small temperature changes which is within statistical noise. According to satellite measurement, the recent temperature spike that was about 0.02 C “earth shattering” warmer compared to the temperature spike during the 1997-98 El Niño.

Fake news tries to blame human
caused global warming on El Niño

Temperature comparison between different temperature sets. Here you can see NASA/GISS temperature is higher than the other sets in what is called the divergence problem and recent temperature manipulation of the NASA/GISS record.

Temperature divergency problem

Here is additional information on the recent temperature manipulations.

Proof of man made global warming

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