Something weird is happening this winter! Can the answer be found in the solar slowdown?

In this video from Joe Bastardi of Accuweather, he looks into the unusual temperature pattern across the eastern part of the US. During strong La Niñas this area should be warmer than normal, but it isn’t. He asks why and investigates. He believes it’s because of the changes in the Sun.

The current slowdown of the Sun of consisting with de Vries cycle solar cycle which happens on average every 179 year, although this number varies a little bit.
The reason seems to be as a result of changes in the rotation speed of the plasma at different depths. I believe this is caused by the Sun’s varying motions around the center of the solar system caused by the gravitational polls from the big gas planets. (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune). The different rotation speeds at different depth are causing variations in the solar activity of the magnetic, UV and solar winds.

The Current solar cycle 24 is now looking to be weaker or similar to the solar cycles during the Dalton minimum which happened at the time of the Napoleon wars.
Here is a link to the layman number at the from the Landscheidt site.

Note: Landscheidt wrote a paper over 10 years ago that instead of global warming we are heading for a Maunder type event.

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