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Global cooling is affecting the current winter in the southern hemisphere

The effect from the solar slowdown is now showing up in the southern hemisphere. Some would say this is weather and not climate, but trends for more severe winters in both hemisphere is becoming more common. While here in Norway … Continue reading

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More global warming will lead to colder winters!

That’s what some guys at that warmist Potsdam institute of propaganda have come up with. Meanwhile in Britain the worst blizzard of the century is expected to set in tomorrow! British authorities are concerned. Not about the cold weather, the … Continue reading

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All runways at Copenhagen airport were closed because of a blizzard. This, for the first time in 22 years

Imagine if the climate meeting started in Copenhagen today. Heavy blizzard in Copenhagen. This time instead the global warming crowd is meeting in Cancun Mexico. I myself have lived in Southern Sweden not far from Denmark and I can attest … Continue reading

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The COP15 global warming meeting, one year after! Mother Nature once again mock Copenhagen with a blizzard!

The UN bureaucrat crowd has picked a more safer place to have their get-together meeting this time. At least when it comes to the local weather. Because this year the meeting is in Cancun Mexico. Nevertheless, Gaia is making fun … Continue reading

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