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Global cooling is affecting the current winter in the southern hemisphere

The effect from the solar slowdown is now showing up in the southern hemisphere. Some would say this is weather and not climate, but trends for more severe winters in both hemisphere is becoming more common. While here in Norway … Continue reading

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A blast of cold air is aiming for south China!

Not only Europe and North America are experience cold winter weather, to which many delegates at the Cancún climate conference now have to return back to. Cold air over the next coming week is targeting South China too. This arctic air … Continue reading

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The cold spell in Europe will go on and on

This is according to the weather forecast made by Piers Corbyn from weatheraction.com. http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews10No37.pdf Frigid cold weather similar to the current condition will dominate during this winter, except for some warm spells. Well, the lake outside my window froze over … Continue reading

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