Global cooling is affecting the current winter in the southern hemisphere

The effect from the solar slowdown is now showing up in the southern hemisphere. Some would say this is weather and not climate, but trends for more severe winters in both hemisphere is becoming more common.

While here in Norway nothing has happened, (weather-wise). Of course the maniac who went on a rampage the other day is something completely different.

But sticking to the weather, the weather here has not been unusual, although somewhat rainy. Some part of the country has suffered from flooding.

Because there’s a heat wave going on in Washington, New York and in large sections in Central and Eastern US, although not record-breaking, the US media is going full throttle in claiming that this is proof of global warming and anyone who questions this or remember the previous cold winters is an idiot. Of course there is a world outside of the US. Among them is the southern hemisphere. Many places down under suffers from a severe winter. This bode well for us, if we like severe winters, on the upper part of the planet because this points to yet another coming snowy and cold winter.

Here a list of cold snaps in the southern hemisphere.

South America, Chile

 Chile hit by white earthquake=snowstorm

South Africa

Extreme weather chaos in South Africa

 New Zealand

 Cold snap brings worst snow in decades 

Check out these perfect snow condition for skiing down under

BTW! It has come to my attention while looking at blogs that Anders Breivik the norwegian mass murderer according to his manifesto also is a “global warming denier” or as I would prefer to call it a climate realists. I share his view on this particular subject. That said, I haven’t even the slightest remote sympathy with his inhuman act.

Of course. the global warming propaganda machine are going to use the fact that he doesn’t believe in dangerous human caused global warming and link other “deniers” view to his, thereby linking global warming skepticism to nutters.

They will conveniently omit to mention that both Usama Bin Laden and Charles Manson did turned out to be climate alarmists. But, this is no longer or to be more correct this has never really been about the science, instead this is now a full fledge ideological propaganda war.

At the end, what is important is which side has the real science on its side based on real evidence, not who is associated with whom or who get the most money or from whom.

The global warmers has two type of evidence they claim to be on their side, sort of, computer models and call for believe in authority.

Neither is of course represent any form for proof for the CAGW narrative. The only way for them to succeed in proving CAGW is if they can convincingly with scientific proof show that there is a high positive feedback between CO2 and water vapor. Nothing else matter!

They have failed to do so!

Several studies have shown that climate sensitivity is low, such as in this recent report

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The Lemmings are back! Yet another global warming prediction hitting the dustbin!

No I’m not talking about the many climate jihadist lemmings which have entered academic institutions trying to prove the unsustainable theory of dangerous human caused global warming.

Instead I’m talking about the little angry rodents which inhabit the Scandinavian Mountains. That’s the area in which I live.
They’re back!

Some years because of unsustainable population explosion lemmings are to be found all over in the mountains in great numbers. These years are called lemming years. That’s what we have now. Last time they were seen in this great numbers was over 40 years ago.

The lemmings are back! 

Here is one little angry guy!

These type of years were supposed to disappear due to the all the extra global warming prediction calculated inside expensive supercomputer based on the AGW theory.
That was what the BBC told us not too long ago!

PS Look at this, how a lemming became glued to a ski!

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Snow in LA! A recent visit by Ban Ki-moon to Hollywood to get support for the global warming hysteria confirms the Gore effect!

UN secretary Ban Ki-moon this week went to Hollywood to seek support for the global warming religion just days before the Oscar academy award ceremony. Together with him went Rajendra Pachauri the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC and Christiana Figueres head of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC, the organization which organize the UN climate conference circus tours.

The audience, probably perceived by them to be susceptible for the global warming message was this time more reserved. Much has happened since Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth received an Oscar award in 2007. Climategate reveled to outsiders what was going on inside the climatology community. The colder weather also made people more skeptical. The purpose was to encourage Hollywood executives to give attention to the global warming crisis.
Anyway, the group eagerly tried to persuade the Hollywood elite to make more effort in convincingly brainwash people in believing in the (global warming / climate change / climate disruption / deteriorating atmosphere) cause.

I’m not sure who the enemies are today? Maybe climate change deniers or the cold weather? Or maybe the greatest enemy of all is what is called common sense among ordinary people who may still have that after 20 years of intense brainwashing.

One thing the meeting confirmed was the Gore Effect. The Gore Effect, for those who don’t know, is the connection between visits by the former vice president Al Gore and unusual cold weather, blizzards and storms. There is now a consensus among Gore Effect scholars that this connection is not only directly connected to Al Gore whereabouts, but it’s also connected to important global warming meetings made when Al Gore is absent. One such example was at the Cancun climate conference. This tropical resort broke it low time temperature record during the conference.

Here is proof of the Gore Effect! Snow in Los Angeles!

Snow in Los Angeles

Snow in Hollywood Hills

Most of the snow fell in Burbank, North East of Hollywood

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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden came to a standstill as it was hit by heavy snow last Friday!

It was not only Chicago or the East coast of the US which received a lot of heavy snow recently. Even my former hometown Stockholm was hit by heavy snow. This happened last Friday.

Here is a guided tour in Solna, next to Stockholm.

As far as I can remember, the local buses have never totally been canceled due to snow, although at occasions they have not been running on all routes.

This time it was different.
See the local news!

Before Christmas the major airport hubs of Europe came to a standstill because of cold and snow. Amazingly Heathrow airport, London came to a complete standstill for several days because of a few centimeters of snow.


This is the type of equipments they should invest on given the solar driven cool down which is now starting to show up.

More snow, this is from Japan and Korea which during recent days have received records amounts of snow

BTW. I was just talking with a friend in Tokyo. Today they got a lot of snow falling in the japanese capital.

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The implications of correlation between solar activity and Pacific Ocean heat content, a new Little Ice Age is coming soon!

Lecture on cosmic ray flux variations and its effect on the climate 

 Here is a speech by Nir Shaviv. In this speech he shows how the amount of cloud and temperature of the Oceans follows changes in the cosmic ray flux.

Dr. Nir Shaviv is a physicist who has suggested that period of ice ages happens because more intense cosmic rays hit Earth when the Solar System travels through the arms of the Milky Way. When the solar system is located outside the spiral arms of the Milky Way which is most of the times, the climate on Earth is warmer than it is now. The Earth is currently in an ice age period and this period has lasted for about 3 million years. We are in a short break from the resent glaciation, called the Holocene interglacial period.


This graph is based on a correlation between the length of solar cycles and the global temperature trends which was examined by two Danish researcher Friis-Christensen and Lassen in 1991. I have added the temperature drop at the end of the graph for how large it should be if this correlation hold for the latest solar cycle length which was the largest for over 200 years. 

 Neutron counter of cosmic rays

This is a graph is from a neutron counter in Oulu, Finland. Its measure is equivalent to the cosmic ray flux. The higher the count the cooler the Earth gets. The lower the count gets the higher the temperature gets. If more cosmic rays hits Earth, the more clouds is formed and more sunlight is reflected back out into space, thus the Earth cools. I have colored the extreme values for warming in orange and for cooling in blue. One can clearly see that the cosmic ray flux is related to solar cycles. When the Sun is active the cosmic ray flux is low and when it is less active the ray flux is high. During the recent warming between 1975 and 2000, the peak during the high point of the solar cycles were high. Right now the Sun is in an unusual inactive state and the cosmic ray flux is very high, indicating a cooling trend. This is shown at the top right end of the graph.

PDO Pacific decadal oscillation

In this graph of PDO “The Pacific Decadal Oscillation”. I have added the marking from the previous graph. One can see that the PDO and the cosmic ray flux follow each other and subsequently the cooling which occurred between 1950 and 1975 and the warming which occurred between 1975 and 2000 can be attributed to a large extent to the cyclical temperature variation of the PDO which probably is solar driven. This is contrary to the claims by the IPCC which states that with 90% confidence, human anthropogenic warming is the main cause for the warming since 1950. This statment is not based on the data and is clearly false.

Human caused global warming in Minnesota? I don’t think so. If you see Al Gore and the hockey stick man Michael Mann in this video then it is only coincidental.

BTW. The snow in the previous post didn’t show up in Houston as expected. Instead it went north and hit Dallas. Yesterday and today once again the deep US south was experiencing a white out with heavy snow. This time it is Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee with Nashville and Atlanta which get the snow.

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