Global cooling is affecting the current winter in the southern hemisphere

The effect from the solar slowdown is now showing up in the southern hemisphere. Some would say this is weather and not climate, but trends for more severe winters in both hemisphere is becoming more common.

While here in Norway nothing has happened, (weather-wise). Of course the maniac who went on a rampage the other day is something completely different.

But sticking to the weather, the weather here has not been unusual, although somewhat rainy. Some part of the country has suffered from flooding.

Because there’s a heat wave going on in Washington, New York and in large sections in Central and Eastern US, although not record-breaking, the US media is going full throttle in claiming that this is proof of global warming and anyone who questions this or remember the previous cold winters is an idiot. Of course there is a world outside of the US. Among them is the southern hemisphere. Many places down under suffers from a severe winter. This bode well for us, if we like severe winters, on the upper part of the planet because this points to yet another coming snowy and cold winter.

Here a list of cold snaps in the southern hemisphere.

South America, Chile

 Chile hit by white earthquake=snowstorm

South Africa

Extreme weather chaos in South Africa

 New Zealand

 Cold snap brings worst snow in decades 

Check out these perfect snow condition for skiing down under

BTW! It has come to my attention while looking at blogs that Anders Breivik the norwegian mass murderer according to his manifesto also is a “global warming denier” or as I would prefer to call it a climate realists. I share his view on this particular subject. That said, I haven’t even the slightest remote sympathy with his inhuman act.

Of course. the global warming propaganda machine are going to use the fact that he doesn’t believe in dangerous human caused global warming and link other “deniers” view to his, thereby linking global warming skepticism to nutters.

They will conveniently omit to mention that both Usama Bin Laden and Charles Manson did turned out to be climate alarmists. But, this is no longer or to be more correct this has never really been about the science, instead this is now a full fledge ideological propaganda war.

At the end, what is important is which side has the real science on its side based on real evidence, not who is associated with whom or who get the most money or from whom.

The global warmers has two type of evidence they claim to be on their side, sort of, computer models and call for believe in authority.

Neither is of course represent any form for proof for the CAGW narrative. The only way for them to succeed in proving CAGW is if they can convincingly with scientific proof show that there is a high positive feedback between CO2 and water vapor. Nothing else matter!

They have failed to do so!

Several studies have shown that climate sensitivity is low, such as in this recent report

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7 Responses to Global cooling is affecting the current winter in the southern hemisphere

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  2. “At the end, what is important is which side has the real science on its side based on real evidence, not who is associated with whom or who get the most money or from whom.” Sadly, you are mistaken. Real science has nothing to do with the politics and government mandates that cite AGW as the basis for climate change. As far as the True Believers are concerned, that debate is over. We skeptics are just talking to each other. Nevertheless, good website and keep talking.

  3. nimbunje says:

    I guess that the next debate will be if this cold phase is just a blip or the start of the descent into the next Ice Age .

  4. adrian says:

    it seems there is a convergence of cooling drivers, drivers include
    Atlantic and Pacific entering negative phases
    The Sun entering a prelonged solar minimum.
    Dust and aerosols biuld up
    increased volcanic activity
    co2 induced cloud and contrails

  5. John says:

    The UN’s Agenda 21 is funding and directing CAGW “research” and media supported propaganda. Google “Agenda 21” to see how it all connects.

  6. Kyle says:

    I agree that Global Warming seems to have slowed down.

    It is a real event but man made unless you count space weapons being used to steer weather in order to ruin crops worldwide to force starvation on people.

    Anybody ever heard of HARRP? The offical website claims it’s just a radio transmitter well within legal range but the actual pictures has arrays of attennas not needed and whenever weird droughts and storms go on their is a sudden increase in their usage.

    Just a few days before Hurricane Sandy people have caught HARRP’s energy usage WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY OFF THE CHARTS! as well as the Typhoon that struck China or many other disasters.

  7. Kyle says:

    Edit. I mean NOT manmade. I was so flustered I typed it in wrong!

    I have nasty demons bothering me.

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